Mi Mai Gong Fang (literally in Chinese: ‘the house of rice and wheat’ – well, close enough anyway) is a publishing ministry in its infant years (not yet 3!) But whilst being young in years , we seek to do our bit in response to what God has been doing for a long time: speaking His words into His world calling His creatures to return to His rule. To this end our mission statement is simple: we seek to persuade all Christians of the truth of God’s purposes in Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible. We hope that Mi Mai Gong Fang’s resouces are not an end in and of themselves, but always helping the reader to dig deeper into the Bible, and letting God’s word shape and renovate our lives (including our own resources as well!).

We hope that you can get familiar with our resources using this website, but if you have any further questions or an interest in our publishing model, please feel free to contact info@mimaigongfang.com!